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Tilta MB-T12 4×5.65″ Matte Box w/Filters


Fits to 114/90/85mm Lens Outer Diameters
3 Fixed Filter Stages
4×5.65″ Filter Trays
15mm LWS Rod Clamp Included
Carbon Fibre Construction
Includes 5-Piece Hard Matte Set

Also comes with:

1x 0.6 (Approx 1-stop) 4×5 ND Filter

1x 1.2 (Approx 2-stop) 4×5 ND Filter

1x 4×5 CPL Filter



Featuring a lightweight yet strong carbon-fiber construction, Tilta’s versatile MB-T12 Matte Box can secure to your camera’s lens via its built-in clamp or to 15mm rods using the included 15mm LWS rod bracket. While an 114mm clamp is installed, 90mm and 85mm clamps are also included for fitting to smaller lens fronts. Three filter stages hold 4×5.65″ filters for creatively composing your shots. All three stages are fixed and do not rotate. In order to effectively block possible sources of flare and ghosts, a 5-piece hard matte set is included, working with lenses from 16mm all the way up to 180mm.

Quick Features

Carbon fiber and aluminum construction
Suitable for studio and cinema cameras
15mm dual-rod adapter makes it easy to convert the MB-T12 from a clip-on to a rod-mounted matte box
Interchangeable Front Hard Mattes

A hard matte set is included, covering the following focal lengths:


This rental also comes with 4×5 ND and CPL filters