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Nucleus-M: Wireless Lens Control System


Two Lens Drive Motors
Motors Feature Integrated Receivers
0.8 MOD Drive Gears
Focus, Iris, Zoom Hand Unit
Motors Daisy-Chain for Power
Right Handgrip with Focus Control
Left Handgrip with Iris and Zoom Control
Hard-Shell Waterproof Case Included

1x Tilta Nucleus-M Wireless Lens Control System
1x Wireless FIZ Hand Unit
2x Wireless Motors
2x 19mm Motor Rod Clamps
2x 19 to 15mm Bushings
1x Wireless Left Handle (Focus)
1x Wireless Right Handle (Iris, Zoom)
4x Follow Focus Disks
1x 7-Pin to D-Tap Motor Power Cable (29″)
1x 7-Pin to 7-Pin Straight Motor Cable (11.7″)
1x 7-Pin to 7-Pin Straight Motor Cable (7″)
2x Handle to ARRI Rosette Adapter
2x Handle to Gimbal Bar Adapter (25 to 30mm Compatibility)



The Nucleus-M is a revolutionary and highly customizable 3-channel wireless lens control system.

The Tilta Nucleus-M Wireless Follow Focus Systemfeatures a 1000′ transmission range, and comes with two lens drive motors with built-in wireless receivers, a FIZ hand controller, and two handgrips—one to control focus, and the other iris and zoom. The lens drive motors each feature a cine standard 0.8 MOD drive gear and two 7-pin connectors, which enables you to freely swap or interchange each motor. The motors power by daisy-chaining using the 7-pin cables, and each motor includes a 19mm rod clamp with 19 to 15mm reducing bushing.

The FIZ hand controller allows you to control focus, iris, and zoom, and includes a neck strap. The handgrips feature adapters that enable mounting the controllers onto ARRI-compatible rosettes or onto 25/30mm diameter rods, such as those used with gimbals. The system comes packed in a waterproof hard case that protects your gear during transport and storage.

Please note that batteries are not included and must be sourced separately.
The system features three ranges: low, medium, and high. It supports up to 15 channels to select from, and the controllers pair with each motor via the motor ID.
The FIZ hand unit can control three channels (focus, zoom, and iris), as well as override the handgrips.
The motors can calibrate on lenses with or without hard stops, such as a photo lens with follow focus gears.
The motors feature cine standard 0.8 MOD 32 pitch drive gears. Each motor includes a 19mm rod clamp and a 15 to 19mm adapter bushing, allowing you to mount the motors onto either a 15mm or 19mm rod.
The motors power from a D-Tap connector, and then pass power by daisy-chaining via the 7-pin connectors with the included cables.
The FIZ hand controller and each handgrip power via two 18650 3000mAh, 3.7V Li-ion batteries.
The batteries in the FIZ hand controller will last for more than 10 hours, and up to 48 hours in each handgrip, when idle. eight:

FIZ Hand Unit (no batteries): 0.972 lbs
Right Handle Grip (no batteries or adapters): 0.582 lbs
Left Handle Grip (no batteries or adapters): 0.529 lbs
Arri Rosette Male to Handle Grip Adapter: 0.161 lbs
Gimbal to Hand Grip Adapter: 0.099 lbs
Motor: 0.496 lbs
Motor Dimensions:

Length/Height: 11.43cm
Width: 8.26cm (end to end furthest points)
Depth: 1.59cm (rod mount section), 1.91cm (base section), 3.49cm (motor section)
Material: Aluminum-alloy, stainless steel, ABS plastic, rubber, Brazilian rosewood

Color: Tilta Gray

Recommended Battery Link: https://tilta.com/support/which-batteries-do-you-recommend-for-the-g2-g2x/